One of the most important considerations in buying a management system is the after-sales support and ongoing development that will ensure not only that you get the most from the system but also that it will continue to support and grow with your business.

Initial Support

Prior to installation we will visit your site to ensure that we have properly understood all of your requirements and have all the information we need to ensure our installation is as smooth as possible. Our aim is to make sure that we meet your business needs. We provide comprehensive installation and onsite training as standard and offer a full range of backup services including additional training and business development.

After-Sales Support

The Advance system is very robust, however should issues arise, customers have the comfort of PineTree’s four tier support structure.

Intelligent Help System: Included in Advance is an extremely comprehensive and easy-to-use context-sensitive help facility which guides users through all functions of the system.

A dedicated helpdesk team: Second line support is provided by our dedicated helpdesk who are able to resolve enquiries and access your Advance application remotely.  We have invested heavily in our support staff and systems and currently resolve 96% of issues within the first phone call.

Full-time field-based engineers and trainers: Support can also be provided through our specialist team of field-based Advance engineers and trainers. During installation they supply first hand training and implementation support, as well as after-sales service and on site issue resolution.

In-house technical team: Our in house technical department are dedicated to developing and improving the Advance Bodyshop Management System and can provide detailed back-up support if needed.

Updates and Ongoing Development

PineTree are committed to constantly develop Advance to meet the changing needs of the car repair industry. We have regular meetings with customer groups to ensure that we stay in touch with the issues facing our industry today. What we hear from these groups, and from our customers in general, drive a regular release program updating and enhancing the Advance system. This ensures that the system is continuously improving, is evolving with your business and is kept in line with industry changes. An example of recent releases can be seen in Release Notes

PineTree customers also have the peace of mind which comes from knowing that we are backed and supported by a major global company in PPG Industries.