Advance is a Windows-based, bodyshop management system, designed to cover every stage of the automotive crash repair and refinish process. It is offered in a modular format. This means that customers can build on the core Bodyshop module to meet the exact requirements of their business.

Core Module: Bodyshop

As the core of Advance, the Bodyshop Module allows you to manage the complete claim lifecycle. The features of this module include:



Referral/Claims Handling

Records comprehensive claim information. A search function allows claims to be located quickly by any field giving fast and efficient response to customer inquiries.


Estimates can be seamlessly integrated into Advance to improve efficiency and reduce manual keying errors. Advance provides links to all the major estimating packages in the UK. The use of Advance as a hub for all external estimating systems means that the job card automatically reflects your unique repair process no matter which estimating system is used. These features have been proven to enhance labour efficiencies in UK bodyshops.


A contact management system ensures all customer contact, including SMS and email contact, is recorded against a claim. This can lead to an improvement in customer service levels, evidence to prove compliance with work providers’ service level agreements, a negotiating tool with work providers and a mechanism for monitoring complaints (suitable for ISO9002)

dynamic action lists

Advance's Dynamic Action Lists focus all staff on what they should be working on and alert them to any issues that may impact profitability ot customer service.  This proactive workflow system is linked directly to Advance's powerful communications features so alerts and escalations can be sent automatically via on-screen prompts, emails and even SMS messages.

Prompts, Tasks and To Do Lists

As each stage in the repair cycle is completed, the system proactively alerts departments or individuals to carry out the next task, populating their “To Do” list. The system can flag up and report on when repairs or customer service tasks are behind schedule and why. This helps drive the repair through the shop, thereby improving cycle time, and allows controllers to constantly monitor progress and identify potential delays before they arise.

Work Provider Schemes

Work Provider contract terms can be set up so that they are automatically pulled through with the claim ensuring correct calculation at invoice time. This ensures that the correct terms are always used and that invoices are not rejected due to non-conformity. All work provider schemes can be monitored by post code, allowing accurate reporting on job generation by area, and allowing the operator to either flag up or block jobs which fall outside agreed post codes.

Scheduling/Booking Diary

A built-in diary enables workshop capacity to be monitored and managed effectively, allowing the bodyshop to maximise its booking potential and plan delivery schedules. When this is combined with the Courtesy Car module it is possible to view the availability of courtesy vehicles. This module can also be used to produce transport planners for collection and delivery drivers, linking to MS Autoroute.

Postcode Allocation

Advance links to optional postcode software to allow instant address lookup based on the postcode entered.

Parts Management

Advance generates parts lists automatically from estimates. Advance generates purchase orders, receipts, returns and credit notes for suppliers. This means full tracking and control of parts ordering and performance monitoring of suppliers (e.g. delivery times and margin analysis). Advance can link to the purchase ledger of most popular accounting packages to give seamless integration and a significant reduction in administrative resource.

Production/Team Diary

Staff attendance is made clear as holiday, sick or training time can be recorded and available resources can be determined at a glance. What staff are currently working on, their booked work, their productivity and total time sold can all be measured when Bodyshop is used in conjunction with other Advance modules.


Capacity Manager constantly monitors all vehicles in progress on the shop floor and prioritises them according the likelyhood of meeting the estimated completion date.  This means that the technicians on the shop floor always know the next vehicle to work on and your production staff are notified immediately a vehicle may not meet it's expected completion date - even if the vehicle hasn't been stripped yet!.

T - Cards

The electronic T-card system can provide instant information on productivity and throughput and where a given car is in the process. Real-time printable reports allow re-prioritisation of work.


Invoices can be automatically generated for all parties including the insured and work provider. Invoices are checked by the system before generation to ensure that they are correct: that all items and parts are included, that specific provider terms have been met, that all critical information is included (e.g. claim numbers). These checks can also include warning if profit aspirations are not being met. Advance can be linked to accounting packages to give seamless integration and a significant reduction in administration and potential rekeying.

Reporting / Management Information

Advance management reports are exhaustive and provide information about all aspects of the bodyshop and every stage of the process. The reports give you control over your bodyshop, allowing identification of areas for change and monitoring of the success of improvement measures. Advance will also allow you to set budgets for key performance indicators and then automatically track progress against these. The Powerstation module enables you to produce these reports graphically and drill down further into the information at the click of a mouse button.

Module: Proctor & Shopfloor Data Capture

Proctor allows management of productives, productivity and work in progress. Utilising Shop Floor Data Capture terminals, Proctor collects and processes labour bookings and attendance from the workshop. It provides information regarding shop floor activity in a near real-time view. Detailed work information facilitates quick calculation of productive bonuses and payroll and allows you to understand exactly where and how your labour is being spent.

Module: Courtesy Car Management

A full courtesy car package, this module records, displays and maintains key information about your courtesy car fleet (e.g. vehicle details, vehicle condition, value, fuel level, fuel cards, hire status, VIN number, key number, radio code, service due date, MOT due date, contract number and end date etc.). It manages each vehicle’s availability for hire according to key criteria (such as expired MOT, tax and mileage etc.), and allocates vehicles according to rules you can set (e.g. mileage). It will manage hire agreements, transactions, keys in and out and return documentation. It is linked directly to the booking diary element of Advance Bodyshop so that, at the time of booking in, car availability can be seen and cars can be allocated to customers. This package brings control and efficiency to a key area for bodyshops where money can be lost if the fleet is not optimally managed. It also ensures complete tracking of legal ownership of vehicles so that fixed penalty notices, and fines can be correctly allocated to the driver responsible.

Module: Stock

A full stock management system is available that deals with both ‘consumables’ and ‘parts’ (i.e. items that can be charged for individually, and those that can’t). The stock module links directly to Advance’s purchase and sales functions (therefore indirectly into your accounts package), allowing full control over purchases, issues, returns and billing. The module allows for the creation of pre-defined ‘kits’ made up of consumables and equipment which may be allocated to individuals or a particular job. These ‘kits’ facilitate tracking, enhance accountability and provide an audit trail for items traditionally not charged for.

Module: Workshop Loading

Advance’s Workshop Loading Module can assist workshop controllers to optimally load their bodyshop and to understand how changes will affect the schedule.
• Suggested book-in date: When the user wishes to book a vehicle into the bodyshop, Advance will suggest a series of dates, recommend an optimum date and can show how different book-in dates will affect completion date.
• Estimated Completion Date: Once a book-in date is defined, Advance will automatically populate an initial estimated completion date according to other work in the bodyshop.
• Workshop Loading Display: A dedicated interface shows the current and forecasts loading situation within the shop.
• Loading Calculations. The module monitors a broad range of activity data in Advance to calculate loading capacity. When this data changes, Advance automatically updates the schedules to take account of the new resourcing situation.

Automatic SMS / Email

Advance has the capability to automatically send SMS and email messages to customers. This can be set up to happen at any stage in the repair process and users of the system are notified if messages cannot be automatically sent.

Ability to generate custom reports

Advance comes with a standard set of reports which are very comprehensive. However as Advance uses the industry standard Crystal Reports tool to generate reports, anyone with Crystal Report skills can generate custom reports. PineTree can also provide this service.

Links to other systems

Advance is built on an open-platform philosophy and we will in principal put in place links to any other bodyshop software. The following links are currently available:
Estimating: Audatex, AudaEnterprise, Glassmatix III,, ARCS, Quoits, Gateway, Motex, Inter-Est, Autoquote
Accounts: Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage MMS, Pegasus Opera
Paint: Nexa Autocolor, PPG, BASF, Akzo, RM, Dupont
Stock and Parts systems: Wurth, Stockit, Allocator, e-Tradeway

Help Function

A key feature of Advance is its unique context-sensitive help function. This is built into the system, and provides comprehensive, user-friendly guidance and advice at the touch of a button.

For more information and a full functionality checklist as compared to Advance Solo please see the Product Checklist

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