Advance is the ideal solution for anyone managing a group or network of bodyshops.

Central can be used to link together a group of bodyshops using Advance. This means that a remote location such as a head office can receive comprehensive management information on individual bodyshops in a group. Consolidated reports can also be produced for the group as a whole. The reports can be generated in near real-time. Central allows batch scheduling of reports so that they can be automatically generated as often as the management team require.

Central brings full electronic claims-handling functionality to the Group. It is possible to electronically receive claims, allocate them, and move them around the network of bodyshops.  Staff using Central can instantly view the progress of repairs in any of your bodyshops which allows you to provide a centralised customer service function.

Central allows centralised administrative control over the bodyshop network allowing the head office to remotely control and monitor bodyshop systems in the network. Reports specification, document definitions, work provider terms and conditions and supplier information can all be changed and managed centrally.

Central can be used with both the main Advance system and Advance Solo.

For more information and a full functionality checklist please see the Product Checklist

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