Advance Solo draws on all our experience so far with Advance and provides a cost-effective all-in-one IT solution for the smaller bodyshop. It comprises much of the power and functionality of the main Advance system. Advance Solo is a single-user package, delivered complete with hardware and links to estimating systems.

Advance Solo can also be fully integrated with Advance Central for Group management and reporting. As with our main Advance product, it links to most estimating and accounts packages.

Advance Solo can be seamlessly upgraded at a later date to the full Advance system if required.



Referral/Claims Handling

Records comprehensive claim information. A search function allows claims to be located quickly by any field giving fast and efficient response to customer inquiries.


Estimates can be seamlessly integrated into Advance Solo to improve efficiency and reduce manual keying errors. Advance Solo links to all the major estimating packages in the UK. The use of Advance Solo as a hub for all external estimating systems means that the job card automatically reflects your unique repair process no matter which estimating system is used. These features have been proven to enhance labour efficiencies in UK bodyshops


A contact management system ensures all customer contact is recorded against a claim. This can lead to an improvement in customer service levels, evidence to prove compliance with work providers’ service level agreements, a negotiating tool with work providers and a mechanism for monitoring complaints (suitable for ISO9002)

Prompts, Tasks and To Do Lists

As each stage in the repair cycle is completed, the system proactively alerts departments or individuals to carry out the next task, populating their “To Do” list. The system can flag up and report on when repairs or customer service tasks are behind schedule and why. This helps drive the repair through the shop, thereby improving cycle time, and allows controllers to constantly monitor progress and identify potential delays before they arise.

Work In Progress

Customers can manually assign the current Work in Progress stage for reporting purposes.

Work Provider Schemes

Work Provider contract terms can be set up so that they are automatically pulled through with the claim ensuring correct calculation at invoice time. This ensures that the correct terms are always used and that invoices are not rejected due to non-conformity. All work provider schemes can be monitored by post code, allowing accurate reporting on job generation by area, and allowing the shop operator to either flag up or block jobs which fall outside agreed post codes.

Postcode Allocation

Advance Solo links to postcode software to allow postcode lookup of customer addresses.


Invoices are automatically generated from the job card. Before generation, invoices are checked by the system to ensure that they are correct: that all items and parts are included, that specific provider terms have been met, that all critical information is included (e.g. claim numbers). Advance Solo can be linked to most industry-leading accounts packages to give seamless sales ledger integration with accounts.

Reporting / Management Information

Management reports are available to provide information about all aspects of the bodyshop and every stage of the process

Automatic SMS / Email

Advance Solo has the capability to automatically send SMS and email messages to customers. This can be set up to happen at any stage in the repair process and users of the system are notified if messages cannot be automatically sent.

For more information and a full functionality checklist as compared to the full Advance system please see the Product Checklist

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