Advance Solo is supplied by PineTree complete with hardware. The following hardware is supplied by PineTree as part of the installation and is included in the overall system price. The customer only needs to have a direct dial connection phone line connected or broadband.


Operating System: Windows 98 / Windows Me / Windows NT4 Workstation (SP6) / Windows 2000 (SP1) / Windows XP Pro
Minimum Processor: Pentium 3 at 500mhz or equivalent
Available Hard Disk space: 2Gb
Minimum installed RAM: 128Mb
NIC specification: 100Mbit configured for optimum throughput
Minimum Graphics capability: 800 * 600 at 32K colours
Sound Capability required: Yes 56K Modem
Remote control support software accessible from installed machine

The following Equipment may be provided by the customer and is optional:
High Quality Laser printer with minimum 4MB installed RAM and network connectivity
Back up device and any required back-up software
TWAIN compatible scanning device
Class 2 Fax /Modem (compatible with Zetafax Programs)
Fax Server Programs (Zetafax)
Postcode addressing Programs (AFD Programs)